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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me more details as to how TeamsOnFire actually works?

TeamsOnFire works by strategically placing your available team-members, for the maximum benefit of a. the rest of the team and b. the team-member being placed. It calculates this benefit by weighing a. the team-member's potential impact on the team and b. the team's potential impact on the team-member, taking into account a. each team-member's personality and skill attributes and b. the overall weight of each attribute.

What's Harmony@Work?

TeamsOnFire was previously called Harmony@Work. As the product grew in scope, we decided a new, slick name might be in order. TeamsOnFire opens Harmony@Work pool files, and automatically converts them to the current file format.

Cam I have free copy of TeamsOnFire or EstimatesPlease? Please?

You can if you're reviewing it (or you have another really good reason you think you should get one). Just e-mail us.

Is there any sort of discount available?

Absolutely. We offer discounts to individual...
  • Current and former uniformed servicemembers
  • Current and former civilian emergency workers
  • Educators and educational administrators
  • Students
What's your guarantee?

If you're not happy with either product, at any time, for any reason, just e-mail us. We'll quickly refund your money.