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Estimate Near Anything in 30 Seconds

No one's sure of the number of guests at the latest catering job? The customer could use a new transmission and new muffler, and--hey--what's that gonna cost?

"What's the high estimate, and what's the low estimate?"

Don't sit there with a pencil or regular calculator, going through six different possible scenarios. With EstimatesPlease estimating software, you just enter what you know, using ordinary English:
  • Between 500 and 550
  • Approximately 160
  • Possibly 40
EstimatesPlease instantly gives you a set of five estimates, ranging from the lowest possible to the highest, with the average in the middle.

It looks and works like an ordinary calculator--no hard-and-fast numbers, though--so you're comfortable from your first calculation.

If you frequently need estimates, save yourself time and energy. Get EstimatesPlease.

Features and Benefits
  • Estimate anything quickly and confidently. Better estimates means a better informed decision.
  • Estimate anything in just one equation (attempting to estimate with a regular calculator will require multiple equations). You'll save time and there's less confusion.
  • You'll almost be entering your equations in plain English with words like "possibly" and approximately". It's simple and you'll be comfortable in no time.
  • Unsure of what to do? The helpful tips on the bottom of the screen will give your options at every step of your equation.
  • You'll receive five estimates, ranging from the "lowest-possible-case" estimate to the "highest-possible-case" estimate. You decide if you want to be cautious, optimistic or somewhere in the middle.
  • EstimatesPlease has a dynamic tape display. You won't forget part of your equation or add the same number twice.
  • EstimatesPlease has digit grouping to make your equations easy to read.
  • EstimatesPlease provides standard features like memory, back and clear entry.
  • Don't retype--instantly copy your entire equation to the Clipboard with one click.

World's Easiest Estimating Software

Version 1.3.1 -
For Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7
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